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BOUQUI, born Bukola Folayan, is the first female to release a rap album in Nigeria. She was born to a Professor of Biochemistry father and a professional teacher mother, she alongside her other five siblings grew up in an academic atmosphere of the Obafemi Awolowo University (Ile-Ife) and this has served as a big influence for her deep lyrical style and cosmopolitan outlook. Her Christian faith and strong belief in the words of God as laid out in the Holy Bible is however the factor to the formation of the Bouqui brand. An alumnus of Obafemi Awolowo University and an accomplished broadcaster at Eko FM, Lagos, Bouqui started her professional career with an all girl group called G-Vibes several years ago before going solo and changing her focus and style to suit urban contemporary Nigeria and still deliver in terms of message and emotion.
The album titled B.O.U.Q.U.I was her debut and the album can be referred to as a two in one package due to the fact that it contains a record breaking fourteen tracks and four skits, the highest by any debutant in the Nigerian music industry. Still on breaking records, her lead single “Get it started” in less than a month debuted at number one the backyard beats segment of the PJ Butter hosted World Chart Show, also another first by any home– based Nigerian artiste in the history of Nigerian music. Other tracks like “Not Ashamed”, “Major Problem”, “Mole jo”, “Vanity” and “Wanna Love U” have become household anthems. The album has won several accolades and nominations including the much coveted AMEN awards in 2007 for best female act.
BOUQUI for the UK last year though she had just recently come back from her TOUR where she went round 15 cities in the UNITED KINGDOM with the first single MO RI LE, off the sophomore album which will be titled REDEFINITIONS..
REDEFINITIONS is set to have nothing less than12 tracks but not more than 15 tracks in all. The tracks were mixed and mastered in the UNITED KINGDOM.
The video for the leading single MO RI LE was shot and edited in the UK and will premiere on the same day the record label, BOUQUIS PLACE ENTERTAINMENT is officially launched.
Her most recent album is Redefinition
Some of her songs are Molejo, Oluwami, Not ashamed, Get it started, Where dem dey, Vanity, Sweet Music, Tell them, Letting go, Sun Soun, etc

Early life

Mr. Edwards was born into a family of seven. He has five siblings. He begun singing at the age of ten years. He learned to play the piano from his father when he was young. In his teenage years, he became a Christian. he has four albums to his name.

Church life

Frank Edwards(nicknamed rich boy) is a member of Christ Embassy Church in Nigeria and LoveWorld Music Ministry.

Music life

Mr. Edwards plays several musical instrument and is a keyboardist in Christ Embassy Church. His debut album The Definition was released in 2008. It was 14 track album and was distributed by Honesty Music.Angels on the Runway his second album was released in 2010 and another oneUnlimited in 2011.He has four albums currently, the latest one "tagjam" was released in November 2011 which he specially made for teenagers and the young at heart. He is currently known as Nigeria's Hottest Gospel rock artiste Now in Nigeria.


In May 2011 he was nominated as the Gospel artiste of the year in the 6th Annual Nigeria Entertainment Awards (NEA). He won the award of the best Gospel Rock artiste in the 1st annual Awards he also won west Africa best male vocalist in 2012/ best hit single at the love world awards 2012/ and 3 awards at the Nigeria gospel music awards (male artiste of the year,song of the year and best male vocal)

Frank Edwards You Too Dey Bless Me Lyrics

 Papa God you too much
The way you bless me
I never see such
I cannot deny this
The love you shower on me
Is so much
Can someone explain this?
You love me, you died for me
Even before I exist
So I can't resist all you place me
Your love for me is not to trust you
Now I know you and I love you
Cos you first love me and you chose me

Papa God you too much
I Can't keep it in
Cos I want to say it out

Verse 1

Na wetin I do
Wey make you love me so
(Wetin I do wey make you love me so)
You she'd your blood
Just because of me (because of me)
You are bigger than
What people say (yes you are)
And forever you will be my God

You too dey bless me Ooh
Na so you love me Ooh
You too dey bless me X3

Rap 2
He died on the cross
Wasn't a joke
He rose from dead
Cos He broke the yoke
Now I'm free, I'm free indeed
This is my victory
I'm living in it
See, I'm not the one
I use to be
God's loving me
Has set me free
The chains are broken
The storm is over
Now I can lift my hands
And praise Jehovah
It's been a long time coming
God's love the source of my money
God is big
He can do anything
If He did it for Joseph
He can do it for you
Come on

You too dey bless me Ooh
Na so you love me Ooh
You too dey bless me X4

Verse 2

I look at myself
Your love is all I see
Great is thy faithfulness
Oh God, I can't deny
Your love for me
Almighty God

You too dey bless me Ooh
Na so you love me Ooh
You too dey bless me X4

My life is not the same again
Na wetin I go give you papa oh
You she'd your blood
On the cross for me
Na wetin I go give you papa oh
Oooh, Iye!

You too dey bless me Ooh
Na so you love me Ooh
You too dey bless me X4
Idima, idima, idima, idima
Idima, idima, idima, idima 2X
Na so you love me
Na so you love me X2
midnight crew is a gospel music group made up of four singers, PATRICIA-UWAJE KING, OLUGBENGA OYEBOLA, ODUNAYO OJO and MICHAEL ABDUL, they met at YABA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY in the year 2000 and started the group on the 8th of NOVEMBER 2001.the group . their mission? "to tear the walls of religion and put the praise of GOD on the lips of all men". midnight crew music style is eclectic, a fusion of different genres of music, their first album,FUSION was released in 2003 and the second, IGWE was released 2008.they have performed along side KIRK FRANKLIN, DONNIE McCLURKIN, ISRAEL HOUGHTON, LIONEL PETERSON, KURT CARR, DON MOEN and PANAM PERCY PAUL, an unusual gospel music brand, midnight crew engage themselves in social responsibility activities,, they assist in soliciting help for the children in KOMA HILLS and multi media concepts in order to reach AREA BOYS with the message of living a purpose driven life.