Thursday, 19 July 2012

young achivers

Born in 2000, Marco Calasan from the Republic of Macedonia was recognized as the the world’s youngest computer administrator certified by the software giant Microsoft in the year 2008. According to his family, at the age of 2 he was able to read and write and simultaneously started learning computer. His parents are IT experts and run a computer school for children. His accomplishments showered him not only with several accolades but made him a hero in locality. Macedonian Prime Minister, Nikola Gruevski gifted him with an IT lab with 15 computers to practice on. The media have frequently featured him as the “Mozart of Computers”. He wishes to create a new operational system for computers.
Marko successfully cleared four Microsoft certificates: MCP, MCDST, MCSA, MCSE. he also became the youngest person ever to clear MCSA exam. At the time was just 6. taking from we can do all that our heart is set to do.just get at it.

funny you may say

Have been thinking for a while what I love to do best, apart from singing, counselling listening to people children, just thought of it oh I love movies, so am going to talk about the title of the ones have seen season movies thrillers  sci friction, drama, funny, my brother once called me ability girl cause I was always seeing alien movies like heroes, supernatural numbers, kylexy 4400, v’s dead zone amongst others with so many talks ,I decided to go with adventures lost, Mind building, private practice, Boston legal, csi, Miami, new York etc The mentalist,  good wife, NCSI, damages, criminal minds ,las vagas  Jake 2.0 Action. doll house, nikita, 24 prison break  A man called god, Drama or so I call them, gossip girls, lipstick jungle, dexter1, sleeper cell, the secret circle, harrys law’ everhood, vanished, life unexpected, pretty little liars, desperate house wifes, how i met your mother. ok i know some of you would say ha ha SB nawa oh, the truth is that i have seen them all don’t remember some of it. Some have made me a better thinker, but that’s not what this is about its about your hobby what’s yours. I can’t stop laughing. and the reason i don’t have Nigeria movies here is not that I don’t see them I do the good ones, not Charismas passion that Desmond and Kate did, watin be that now lol.if you are on dstv you can’t miss that movie even if you want it won’t miss

Waiting for your hobbies dears.

Past To Remember

Everybody has a past, many those they never want to remember. I have so many of those past that I’ll rather they be forgotten. no bad memory lanes yet, let’s just talk about the good ones first.
Mine for starters, was the first time I had the opportunity of singing in front of a crowd and by my definition of a crowd I mean a little over 20people. I remember it was an annual crusade then my church had just started, and I was in the boarding house and just got home for holidays so i hurried up to church, so excited to joining the choir that day and my definition of choir i mean a group of 5-7 people. opening prayers started and it took longer than usual we were waiting for our pastor if you are or where a church folk you would know what I mean. The brother leading the prayer got tired I guess then he call me ,I rushed up thinking he needed something, low and behold he just handed me the mic, oh God I shook and asked what I should do with it, he didn’t say anything or at least I didn’t hear anything, it felt like I should drop the mic and run to fast till I got home but I stood there for a while and I prayed looked up and saw people  praying. I took the first worship song and it felt like oh at last we can worship, I took the second third and praise just went on, it got to a stage I look at the brother he signaled that I carried on and I gladly did and for a while. from that day I was promoted from a seldom Tuesday prayer  meeting praise leader to a Thursday midweek praise leader. For me then it was a huge breakthrough. And since then God has been taking me from one level of glory to the other.

So what's your story.